I Ran for A Cure.

I’m fortunate enough not to have been touched personally by the words, “breast cancer” so far in my life. When I lined up for today’s race and started to see names on the backs of people’s t-shirts saying, “I run in memory of my mom,” or “I run for my wife,” or “my grandmother,” “my aunt,” “my best friend…” I felt touched. I can’t imagine if someone I love was forced to battle this demon. It makes a 5k run seem so insignificant in comparison. And yet a 5k run can do so much.

I’m not sure how much money has been raised to date through this event, but I heard some announcer today use the words, “five million” and “dollars” in close proximity, which is so phenomenal it made me feel like I really WAS making a difference by being there. Which is kind of funny, maybe, because to date I have managed to raise only $0 on my own for the cause. Running is one part of the equation. Fundraising is the other. One without the other is like peanut without butter. Pointless.

So I’m making another effort to get people to help me raise money for this great cause. My donation page is here. Donations in any amount (even $1!) are welcome, and can be made until October 31, 2007.

As for me… I ran the race well. I missed my goal of a sub-30-minute race by THREE SECONDS. But I beat my average pace per mile to date by almost a full minute. A few times I almost became overwhelmed and started to cry, but the support of the tens of thousands of people around me always lifted me up and kept me going. I feel the need to return the favor by at least reaching my goal of raising $250 for finding a cure for breast cancer. One goal out of two is not bad. Not bad at all.


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