My Worst Nightmare.

A while back, Siggi asked me how my cow was doing. When I asked her what cow she was talking about, she said matter-of-factly, “The one in your closet.”

Ohhhhhhhh. THAT cow.

And thus, Clark was borne into existence.

After some time, Clark grew tired of his solitary existence in my closet. I got him a playfriend – Ombepo the chicken. To Siggi’s and my dismay, however, Ombepo had some mischievous tendencies and started to be more trouble than he was worth. Ombepo and Clark were constantly fighting and causing messes that I was growing tired of cleaning up. And then Siggi and I made the awful discovery: Ombepo was no normal chicken.

He was a vampire.

The thing you don’t know about vampire chickens is that they’re not your average vampire. They don’t suck blood discreetly from your neck. They go straight for your eyes. Didn’t you know? Your retinas are an excellent source of blood.

So last week when we had the assignment to draw our worst nightmare, what else could I draw?


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