Gainful Employment.

Today I applied for a full-time job. It was a hard decision, and took months of persuasion on the part of my current employer, but I think it was the right decision.

A few weeks ago, amid the insanity of various houseguests, Billy and I sat down and talked about what it is we really want in life. (mm-hm, we did, we did) Basically, what it comes down to is apartment living is not in our long-term game plan. We both want to own our own house with a yard and a dog and maybe even a guest room. We want some privacy from our neighbors. And to live away from air traffic and the blaring noise of buses laying on their horns while some 87-year-old woman tries to parallel park in front of our apartment. I mean, little things.

Thing is, we’re both pretty broke. There’s no way we could afford a down payment on a house, and even if we could, the mortgage would be crippling to us. So, we’ve decided that since this is our main priority, it makes sense to slow up on other things in order to make this dream happen first. It would be nice, when I do finally become a teacher, to be able to do it and live in my own home at the same time. I have a feeling it would be hard to save up on a teacher’s salary, and so I decided a full-time job with full benefits and paid time off, was probably a good idea.

My supervisors have been trying to get me to accept a full-time job with them for almost a full year, and I have turned them down repeatedly because I NEED to finish this degree and get into a career I can love. Apparently they still want me enough to offer flexible hours so I can continue working four days a week (which I already do) to stay on in a permanent, full-time role. So I can continue my degree while setting aside money for that great big down payment all at the same time.

AND, today I registered for the spring semester, and it looks like I’ve got about two years left to finish my art degree. From there I can get my Masters in Art Education, which should take another 3-4 years at the same part-time pace, and after two of those years I can start teaching. So at last, at last, I have a plan that I think has hope. Every day is a little more progress.


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