Same old.

I’m coming down the home stretch, now. I finished my last art history paper of the semester today, which was pretty easy, actually. I was analyzing a Dali painting, so I just threw around some bullshit about sexual frustration and the desert that should do just fine.

(Eh, it’s not really bullshit. I just like saying it is. Makes it seem less important.)

For a few days, I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the end of this semester. Finishing that paper gives me new hope. I’ve got two art history and two drawing classes left, my art history final, and then I can finally get back to life as normal. Which, of course, consists of:

  • working 40 hours a week
  • babysitting two nights a week
  • planning a wedding
  • planning Billy’s birthday celebration
  • training for a marathon (which, incidentally, Rudy already backed out of)
  • cleaning my home
  • preparing for Christmas
  • cooking healthy meals as often as possible
  • food shopping so I CAN cook as often as possible
  • blogging
  • working on Billy’s mom’s Christmas gift, which, incidentally is so friggin’ awesome and sentimental it sickens me a little
  • knitting more dolls
  • keeping up with the Netflix deliveries
  • hanging out with friends, assuming they still remember who I am

I could go on, but I’ll spare you the drama. Suffice it to say, nothing much happening over on my end. How about you?


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