Going to Finish Sleeping Now.

Today was the last day of class this semester. I just have my art history final in two weeks and I’m home free. Until next semester.

I now have a month to do all the design work and knitting I’ve been putting off in order to do classwork. I’m sitting at the computer today, trying to come up with a cool idea for a website I’m attempting to build and sadly, the wheels appear to have spun out somewhere back in October, I reckon. That’s a long time to be skidding.

This morning my alarm clock woke me from a deep, deep slumber and I haven’t been quite right since then. It took me two hours to remember what month it was (for part of the morning I thought it was March or April) and where I was going (almost ended up at the office instead of class). Maybe I should finish sleeping and see if that makes a difference in the way the rest of the day goes.

It’s worth a shot, anyway.


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