For the sake of posting.

I have photos from yesterday’s celebration but I am too lazy to get up and connect the flash card to the computer to download them. (and then upload them.) Suffice it to say the day was perfect in every imaginable way.

The menu:

cheese fondue
almond crusted roasted pork loin
garlic and dill mashed potatoes
buttered apple slices
almond and garlic string beans
crushed candy cane-infused brownie sundaes
peppermint martinis

Tonight Rob came over with Aunt Cathrine and Uncle Bob after Rob finally landed for the last leg of his whirlwind journey around the country for Christmas. I made another killer meal:

lemon artichoke chicken with dill sauce over orzo
sauteed zucchini
more candy cane brownie sundaes
pinot grigio

Did I ever mention that someday I want to own a white dog and name him/her Pinot Grigio? I think I would love calling my dog Pinot.

But that is really beside the point, I suppose.


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