Christmas is finally over.

Today Billy and I finally got around to watching Die Hard, which is a sort of family tradition on Christmas Eve in my household. Sadly, it’s one of the few Christmas classics we don’t actually own, and we lacked the foresight to request it from Netflix in time for Christmas. Luckily all was not lost and I whipped out my aging and barely viewable but suitably festive VHS copy of Lethal Weapon for our Christmas Eve viewing pleasure. As we watched the blurry visages of people we only recognized from hundreds of other viewings of the movie, Billy mentioned something about opening one gift on Christmas Eve. I of course brushed the idea aside since he had been the one only an hour before to tell me that I was cheating by opening a package from my brother even though I knew it was a gift that should be saved for Christmas Day.

Of course, the gift he’d wanted me to open was the DVD version of Lethal Weapon.

Still, all that aside, Die Hard arrived in our mailbox on the day after Christmas and it’s been sitting in our living room since then. We finally watched it tonight – recited all our favorite lines (“Now I have a machine gun; ho-ho-ho”) – and at last, we can put Christmas 2007 to rest and start 2008 for real. I’m thinking maybe we want to start by purchasing the movie on DVD so we can avoid this sort of delay this coming December.

Ah, who am I kidding? We all know I’m the best of all procrastinators on Earth. It ain’t never gonna happen.


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