There’s really no point to this.

For all I did today, it feels like I didn’t accomplish much that needed doing. I did manage to clean out one of the three hall closets, which improves my quality of life by about 47%. That’s actually pretty good, considering the fact that up to now every time I opened the door I was afraid for my life. Now when I open the door I beam with pride. I even color-coordinated all my yarns and needles.

We also took down all the Christmas decorations. I enjoyed Christmas this year, but I was not sad to see the holiday stuff go back into hiding. I had the mild inclination back in December to go without Christmas decorations this year but thought I’d miss it. Turns out all season long I was mildly disgusted by it all and it was a huge relief to put it all away.

Sometime in the last week or so the toilet broke, and since Billy and I are both accomplished plumbers, we decided to try to fix it ourselves. Needless to say this resulted in the need for even more critical repairs than were initially required. In fact, we had to shut off the water supply to the toilet while we went to the hardware store for new parts, as the little float lifty thingy disintegrated in Billy’s hand while he was trying to fix the flapper thingy. It took a hacksaw and about 2 hours’ work, but we now have a working toilet, and I think we’ve even managed to fix the original problem we’d had with it, too.

We were feeling pretty damn pleased with our handiwork at this point so we also changed a light bulb in the dining room, hung shelving in the kitchen, and ordered ourselves pizza for all our hard work. Then we passed out on the couch.

Seems like a productive day until you consider that I’ve got no clean clothes to wear to work this week and no wedding invitations to mail next month and I didn’t get to go out for a run before the snowstorm due in this evening. Oh, and also no food in the apartment for the week.

But other than that, we’re good.


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