Today’s accomplishment.

Today I ordered textbooks for the upcoming term. No studio art courses this spring, sadly. Instead I’ve got another art history course – 20th Century Art, to be specific – and an American history course that fulfills both a writing and sociology requirement. FUN!

Anyway, that’s not really the achievement I was talking about, as impressive as it sounds.

Actually, the achievement is this: The two courses require three textbooks. Were I to buy them new from the bookstore, they would cost a total of $156, plus shipping and handling and/or a trip to the store where I would stand on line for two hours just to get through the front door, followed by another two hour wait to pay. Instead, I got all three books for $83.03, INCLUDING shipping and handling. My highest achievement of all was getting one of the textbooks used – and in “very good” condition – for a whopping $0.01! (And, I suspect $0.01 is about $0.01 more than it’s actually worth.)

I think they should get it over with and just give me the A+ right now.


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