Wedding babble.

I had been feeling overwhelmed by all that is going on at once over here, until I remembered that I pretty much always have too much going on at once. So far it hasn’t killed me so I guess that means I’m in good shape.

The wedding’s been on my mind a lot lately. Could have something to do with the fact that it’s 87 days, 20 hours, and one minute away. (Thank you, cell phone countdown thingy!) I’ve addressed invitation envelopes, even though I don’t yet have invitations to put into them. I will say that I’ve got the invitations MOSTLY designed, with one technical detail remaining. Of course this one little detail will likely take me several hours over the weekend to complete, but hey. When have I ever done anything SIMPLE?

I don’t know if it’s the wedding or just this time of year or what, but lately I find myself surprised to realize that my dad has been dead for more years of my life than he was alive. For someone who was part of my life for so little of it, he sure does leave a pretty big hole. He’s going to be in the wedding in a lot of ways, but I’m still not 100% into the idea that he won’t be there in person. I mean, dude. The man’s missed all my theatrical debuts, high school and college graduation, and now my friggin’ wedding. It just sucks, is all. I kinda hate him a little at times like these.


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