Just another day in paradise.

Today I got into an argument at the Ocoee Mariott Courtyard Hotel over whether or not breakfast was included in the room rate. According to them, it wasn’t. According to all the literature we had to go by, it was, by virtue of omission of the fact that payment was required. They ended up giving us the breakfast, but only to keep us quiet, as I think other patrons were getting ideas as they listened to our conversation. I could argue this point until two weeks from Tuesday, but it’s pointless. Besides, I make these arguments every day at my job. I need to take SOME time off.

Coming back to Bradenton, we ran into a few showers. And when I say showers, I mean torrential rain, lightning, wind, and flooding. And when I say lightning, I mean pink lightning, which is indicative of tornadoes in the area. And when I say torrential rain, I mean visibility was less than zero and driving 35MPH was far too fast. It was literally washing over the car in waves, to the point that I thought we were driving through the ocean.

I’ve driven in some pretty harrowing situations before. I’ve gotten lost for several hours in Rome on an empty stomach, come close to driving off of sandy cliffs in Africa, driven down 45-degree muddy mountains in Costa Rica, and on pin-sharp turns in the mountains of Italy. This drive of 100 miles was up there with all of those. Holy fucking crap, my life may never be the same.

I need a drink now.

Good night.


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