I’m cooking dinner right now.

Early tonight, it’s only 8:05pm. After I finish eating I will take a shower and try to get this four-page written analysis done for class at 8am tomorrow. I’m annoyed my professor assigned us a week’s worth of work to do in two days. I’m more annoyed that I’m actually doing it. That’s how much of a perfectionist loser I am.

I’ve decided that if I can make it to Thursday, I’m home free. I just have to survive tonight and tomorrow. On Thursday I just have one three-hour class from 10-1 and babysitting from 6:30-9:30 and the rest of the day free. I’m planning to get in a workout at the school gym before class and then do laundry when I get home. And spend the rest of the day SLEEPING.

Then I just have Friday (where all I have to do is work and go to the gym!) and I’ll have the whole weekend to leisurely clean the apartment, go food shopping, do homework, write out wedding response cards (because I’m the wacko who decided to HAND-WRITE them), and pay bills. I have to get my shit in order this weekend because otherwise this semester is going to be REALLY hard.


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