Look, I’m Trying.

At this moment I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. For some inexplicable reason I’m actually considering taking out my history book to do some reading before I go to bed.

Billy’s away for the weekend, which means I get the whole bed to myself and I can eat whatever I want. Meatloaf, baby! This is something I don’t get, by the way. Billy loves my meatballs. Loves them. But for some reason he refuses to eat my meatloaf. Doesn’t he get that it’s the EXACT SAME RECIPE? All that’s different is the shape. What the hell? And he thinks I’m the one with the problem. Anyway, enough of that.

I’m feeling pretty much like crud tonight, actually. I had sort of a crappy run at the gym tonight. It’s just one of those days that the body’s just off for whatever reason. I’ve felt very lethargic, crampy, and grumpy since I got home. No, it’s got nothing to do with hormones. I dunno. Sometimes when I run instead of feeling energized and powerful I just feel like a pile of poo. Today I’m the poo.

I think, however, that tomorrow will be better.


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