A Cinderella Dilemma.

Did anyone notice that I’ve written something on here every single day for a week? That is a record since I took my blogging break over a year ago. Granted, not everything was all that interesting to read, but hey. I have to start somewhere.

Today I found myself faced with a Cinderella dilemma. I had lots of house cleaning to do. Lots. Plus I wanted to go out for a run, watch PCU, and do my art history assignment. But Siggi was throwing a Super Bowl party tonight at 6:30. I knew I’d never make it if I did all that other stuff. The dilemma was, do I crack the whip and get all the cleaning, exercise, and homework done and sit alone on the couch to watch the game, or do I blow it all off (again) and hang out with Siggi?

I’m not sure I made the right choice, but I really am enjoying the sparkle and shine in the apartment tonight, and I think that I will thank myself during the week when I don’t have to stay up until midnight again to do my assignment for class. I’m going to have to make this up to myself somehow. I think a six-pack of beer might be in my future at some point next weekend.


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