Weeds in the Heights?


I was just in the process of writing about my incredible productivity today but there is something else I need to get off my chest instead.

Look, I really don’t have anything against folks who smoke pot. Truly, I don’t. I mean, hey man, peace. But holy GOD. One of my neighbors, and I’m not sure which, for the last week and a half has been lighting up joints just about every three hours with amazing regularity. At first it was all, holy shit, Billy, do you smell that? And we’d take big whiffs and get headaches.

It’s really getting annoying now, though. They start in at 9:00 in the morning and they are still smoking now, over 12 hours later. These people are way too rich if they can afford this much friggin’ weed. I just hope their supply runs out soon because I’m honestly starting to lose my patience.

Honestly, it’s no wonder I’ve been so hungry all day. Geez.


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