Five on the Fifth.

1. Super Bowl: Wherein the Giants, a team which I generally dislike, beat the Patriots, a team which I vehemently dislike and I screamed like a lunatic and spit in disgust when Bill Belichick (I refuse to spell his name correctly and if I did spell it correctly, it was entirely by accident) walked off the field before the game even ended. Cheater. Sore loser. Jackass.

2. Ticker Tape Parade: Wherein a bunch of people even crazier than I congregate on a miserable, foggy, wet, disgusting February day to photograph people they cannot see and to cheer on the boys from New Jersey, and I watch them from my cozy office cubicle on the 49th floor and lauuuuugh.

3. Presidential Primaries: Wherein I decide to exercise my right to vote in the Presidential primary and break out in hives from the responsibility and indecision. In the end I went with what the Spirit told me to do.

4. Fat Tuesday: Wherein I do absolutely nothing to celebrate.

5. February the fifth: Wherein I reflect on the fact that my father died sixteen years ago to the day and every year I feel it less and less and every year I wonder what it would have been like had he stuck around just a little bit longer…


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