Thank God for Cell Phones.

I think someday I’m going to be one of those moms that kids hate, because they are overanxious and worried every time they’re not there to protect their kids. If today is any indication, I’m headed down that path. Blech.

My mom’s on her way to New York today to visit for the weekend, flying alone for the first time since she was ill last year. She’s definitely not at 100% capacity yet, so I’ve been a bit of a wreck worrying about her, particularly for the following reasons:

1. She had a layover in Atlanta, which means she had to navigate the Atlanta airport by herself, and read the departures board and find her gate without assistance.
2. It snowed in New York today. A lot. And there were a lot of flight delays and cancellations. And her flight from Atlanta was canceled.
3. The airline escort I’d arranged to help her find her way around never showed up.
4. When I spoke to the airline representative, she was apologetic about the escort not showing up and also told me that the earliest flight my mom could be rebooked onto was leaving Atlanta on Sunday.

All I can say is that the invention of the cell phone came in real handy today. And my mom probably cried less than I did today. OK well, I didn’t cry either, but I think I might have had one or two mini-strokes throughout the day.

The good news is she appears to be on her way and we may actually get to have dinner together tonight. After I have a lobotomy.


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