I’m just tired.

Today is Leap Day, and I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate Leap Day than by having a mini-“Quantum Leap” marathon tonight. It’s taking the edge off, even more than a bottle of whiskey, which is just weird, but let’s not go there, ok? Thanks.

It’s been a particularly rough week. I can’t complain, because despite the mountains of stress I’ve been under lately, I am still happier and more satisfied than I can ever remember being in my entire life. It’s been a week of classes, a new job, babysitting, paper-writing, running, and general mayhem. I didn’t notice until Thursday that there was a new bud on our orchid, which had been there since Sunday.

I’m pretty bummed that tonight’s the first night I’ve been home and had time to relax and Billy’s out getting drunk with the guys. I’d sort of hoped we could hang out together, but it’s sure not looking like that’s going to happen. Oh well. The perfect end to a perfect week, I guess.


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