Domestic Ingenuity.

My mom gave me and Billy a great new set of pots recently, which overloaded our kitchen cabinets to the point that we could no longer even close the cabinet doors. We’d been toying with the idea of getting a pot rack, but couldn’t find anything that didn’t cost a million dollars or that was practical for our situation. So, when Billy had a week off from work, instead of playing Guitar Hero all day long, he made us a pot rack!

I think in all it cost about $10 at most, mainly because we already had the latticework. It was small iron shelving unit my mom bought me when I moved into my first home. I used it for towels in a bathroom that had no storage. Here in Jackson Heights, we’d been using it as a plant stand. As you can see, we’re still using it as a plant stand! I love the dual purpose items.

Billy hung the shelves on their side with heavy-duty hooks and the pots are hung with simple S-hooks. The best part is there is actually a shelf above the rack to keep all our lids. And, it’s pretty!

The down-side is that I’m only 5’1″, which makes most of the lids inaccessible to me, but I’ve found that a little stepstool can do wonders.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Billy also installed a dimmer switch in our dining room without a) killing himself, and b) burning down the apartment! Between that and the monkey stuff in our bathroom, it’s really starting to feel like home around here.


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