One of those days.

I’ve had kind of a hard day. Let’s just say bedbugs may or may not have been involved and leave it at that.

A few things have brightened my mood, though.

  • The little girl, barely able to walk, who nearly crashed into my legs but still found a way to beam up at me with her three and a half teeth and sticky red lips.
  • The daffodils in the garden.
  • Eating all the black jelly beans in the bag.
  • The letter I wrote to my Aunt Cathrine in 1984.
  • Putting up my Chucky cutout in my new office and seeing all the lawyers’ and paralegals’ reactions to it. (More on Chucky to come, I believe.)
  • Seeing the sun outside even though it’s supposed to be raining right now.
  • Actually having time – on a weeknight – to play Guitar Hero if I want.
  • Knowing that I am going to a George Michael concert this summer with my friends, even though I don’t really know anything about George Michael, simply to spend a fun night out with my friends for a change.
  • Looking at the diamond on my left ring finger.

Off to dig out the Cortisone now.


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