Twisted Sense of Humor.

A couple years ago I was decorating my cubicle and put this collection of teddy bears that I’d accumulated over the years on top of my cubicle wall. It was a good spot for them, because I could look at them if I wanted but didn’t have to see them if I didn’t feel like it.

Somewhere along the line, I also inherited a desk lamp. The desk lamp was ridiculously bright and blinded me if I pointed it towards my desk. So instead I pointed it towards the ceiling. I suppose inadvertently I also pointed it at the teddy bears. If you know anything about up-lighting, I guess the teddy bears might have looked somewhat demonic if you gave them a casual glance.

One day I got into work and discovered this Chucky cutout among my teddy bears. Turns out I’d been freaking out one of my coworkers with those uplit teddy bears for so long that he couldn’t take it any more and he put Chucky up there to emphasize the freak factor. I think he expected me to make some sort of change to the situation after that, but if anything, I loved the scene even more. I treasure my Chucky doll.

My new office has been bare of anything relating to my personality for well over a year and so I decided to christen it with my Chucky doll. It lifts my spirits far more than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. It’s like a reminder that however angry, frustrated, lonely, or overwhelmed I’m feeling, there’s someone else out there who’s got it worse than me. And the commentary from people with less imagination than me makes me smile brightly to myself on a regular basis.

It’s almost as uplifting as the fact that Billy and I will sometimes get to celebrate wedding anniversaries on Friday the 13th.


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