Sometimes talking to my advisor is as useful as talking to a brick.

I’m reaching a point in my college education (part three) where I need to start making decisions about what direction I will go with all this artistic education. The obvious answer is: I’m going to get a Masters in art education and I want a portfolio that will get me there. The less obvious comes into play with the vagaries around how, exactly, I get there. Like, do I need a painting credit, or can I take a course in Dreamweaver? And if I take a course in Dreamweaver, am I just screwing myself out of getting into that Masters program because my portfolio is too graphic-heavy? And what about all those 3D animation courses I took? Should they count too?

So, you know, I went with what seemed like the clear choice and went to my advisor for some advice on the matter. I honestly think sometimes that college advisors are only there to make you feel more competent. His answer to all of the above was, “Um…” and then after some deliberation, “Take whatever you want.”

Alrighty then.


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