Getting Back.

Billy and I have been married for one week today, and things are slowly coming back to normal. I am loving my new camera, and I think I will be getting a lot of use out of my long-ignored Flickr site.

This coming week is spring break at Queens College, which means all I have to do this week is work my two jobs and come home at the end of the day. After spring break, I’ve got three weeks left of school until I am finally free to have fun again. And by fun I mean start in on the hundreds of other project ideas I’ve been sitting on for the past year. More on them in the future, I’m sure.

Today is a dreary but not wet spring day, and I am inspired by the budding leaves on the trees outside the kitchen window. I told Billy a few weeks ago that it wouldn’t be spring until there were leaves on those trees, and now here they are, so I guess that means it’s spring. I’m filled with the urge to go run naked on the beach in celebration.

I’m hoping to get back to actual real writing on this site, which I haven’t done in what feels like years. Quitting my last job kind of took the regularity out of my writing but I do miss it, so we’ll see what can be done about getting back to it. For now, we’ll have to suffer through my diary-like stream of consciousness rambling for a few more weeks. It’s still about all I can muster.


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