Dear Caitlin:

I just wanted to remind you that no matter how bad life gets, no matter how shitty you may feel today, life isn’t always THAT bad. Even if you can’t quite remember it, tonight you felt truly happy. No, I take that back. You experienced happiness. It wasn’t just some arbitrary notion, not a passing feeling of whimsy.

I want you to know this, and remember the way night sky can light up budding leaves and flowers on the trees in the springtime, because I know how deeply you have felt the agony of real pain. This is to remind you on those hardest days that despite how it feels, it’s not always going to be so bad.

Try to remember tonight, if you can. Remember listening to the love songs Siggi put onto a CD for you and Billy for your bridal shower. Remember how listening to Sonny and Cher made you cry because their lyrics were so beautiful. (Yes, that was you. Just try not to smile at that.)

Every so often the planets really do physically align in your favor. Life won’t always have you down. And I’ve always got your back.

With love,


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