On keeping a 4.0

There’s a recurring theme in my life which is, in short, I need to lighten the fuck up, already.

This theme manifests itself in a few ways, depending on what’s going on in my life at the time. Since I’ve been back in school, the trend has manifested in a never-ending obsession with my grades. Today I got back a paper I wrote on The Last of the Mohicans, a paper which I was certain would best be used as toilet paper. (I’m still convinced that is its best use.)

I got a 95. My professor didn’t have any comments except that it was “solid work,” so I have to assume that she docked the five points from my paper on account of her misery at having to read it at all. I can accept that; I was willing to dock myself the other 95 just so I wouldn’t have to write it.

Maybe I should have written it drunk as I’d considered doing last week; it might have given me the extra five points for having the balls creativity.


One response to “On keeping a 4.0

  • fiction dept

    Well done! As you know, we are all our own worst critics.

    I knew someone who took a Philosophy of Religion course at university. 30% of your final grade was the mid-term exam and the reamining 70% was the final exam. The mid-term was one essay. The final exam was 3 essays. During the final exam, my friend couldn’t remember anything sentient to write about for essay number two but she could remember a complicated drawing she drew in her notes when discussing that topic. She took a punt and drew the picture again as her answer to the essage question. Her other two essays were brilliant as usual (very smart cookie, she was) but she was taking a HUGE risk with the picture.

    It paid off. She was awarded an A+.

    So yeah… just go with the flow!

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