Where I talk about the voices in my head.

My cousin invited me to participate in their annual Pinewood Derby tournament this year, and I am so stoked. I don’t know what design, shape or form my car will take, but I am fairly certain I intend to paint flames on it. Purple ones.

Billy’s planning to enter too, and we’re considering laying down a friendly wager on the side, ’cause that’s how we roll. Not yet sure what the terms of the wager will be, but knowing us it will be something good.

Of course through all of this, that little nagging voice in my head keeps whining, “Are you crazy? You just finished the hardest semester of your entire life and you’ve got at least a million other projects simmering for this summer already. What are you doing to yourself?” And that Little Voice has a point. But I have a very simple reply:



2 responses to “Where I talk about the voices in my head.

  • ridiculous

    oh man. please document the car building / race with your new camera.

  • Chris

    Hee hee…. I think that most of us who make cars are busy finishing them up in the days before the race, if not the day of. I remember last year I was finishing one up just hours before people started to show up. It seems to be all about the procrastination.

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