On Sunday I started playing the piano again, after several months of neglecting that dusty piece of furniture in the corner. I sat down, stretched out my fingers, and I absolutely sucked.

Since then I’ve played almost every single day and it’s surprised me to discover how quickly it’s coming back to me. It’s also surprised me to remember what it’s like to get completely lost in music. Music of my own making.

Whether I’m breezing through a song I know frontwards and backwards or going over the same two measures a hundred times without getting it right even once, there’s something that takes over my soul when I play. Nothing else I’ve ever done has been so completely visceral. It’s probably the same kind of feeling Buddhist monks describe when they lose themselves in meditation. All that matters is the moment – it doesn’t have to be good or bad – it just has to be.

It’s nice to have the time to get lost like that again.


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