My heart will thank me for this.

So I went and ran 3.1 miles tonight and maybe I neglected to mention when I was soliciting funds that I haven’t exercised at all in well over a month. I suppose there was that one time I wheezed my way up and down the coast of Anna Maria Island, crying from the agony of using muscles and lungs I hadn’t thought of in far too long. I choose not to count that as exercise as much as torture.

But tonight I ran 3.1 miles in succession, like without stopping, mostly out of sheer stubbornness. My body revolted more than once, but I put it in its place like any good drill sergeant would do. I ignored the side stitches, the hunger, the numb feet, the stomach cramps, the headache, and the overall wheeziness and pressed through every last step like my life depended on it. There is probably no good reason for this, except that I am a fool. I can’t even say it felt right at the time, because it didn’t.

I ran 5k, or 3.1 miles in approximately 34 minutes tonight. Not bad for an out of shape old lady like me.


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