The last days of hell.

I’ve still got two days – just four measly hours – left of the Semester from Hell but my brain has already left for parts unknown. It gave up weeks ago, really, and I’ve been left alone struggling to find good reasons to prepare for these last two exams. The only one I can come up with is Because I Should, which is a variation of It’s the Right Thing to Do. Somehow my brain is not convinced.

At any rate, there is the issue of the art history exam. I have managed to mostly memorize artists, titles, and dates for all 90 works we are responsible for knowing (of which we will be tested on 12). Unfortunately that only counts for about 1/3 of the exam points, and I have not begun to think about what I could write about these works of art. Um, they’re weird? We’ll see how that flies tomorrow.

Friday is my American history final, and this is the one I truly despise, the one that gives me pimples and hives in places I will not discuss on my website. I’m supposed to write an essay to bring into class about different peoples who arrived to America looking for a better life and the other peoples they stepped on to get it. I’m writing about southern plantation owners who took advantage of slavery to get ahead and then lost it all after the Civil War. Seems a pretty classic case. Trouble is, getting that concept out of my brain and onto a sheet of paper which I can then turn in to my professor is like trying to talk me into living in a closet with a tyrannosaurus rex. Would YOU say yes to such a thing? I rest my case.

But of course it doesn’t stop at an essay, because I also have to know dates and facts that I haven’t even thought about thinking about in weeks. I think the Revolutionary War was back in the 1700s sometime, right? And it was over a bunch of tea?

All’s I know is, Friday night when all this is done I am going to be utterly delirious with joy. I might even dance a jig. That may be the only thing that makes it all worth it.


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