Boring Update.

It’s been a while. After a nice long streak of writing nearly every (week)day, I just collapsed into a heap on the floor of the Internet. Sorry ’bout that. I blame the euphoria of finally being done with classes for the summer. I tried to do everything I’d been missing out on all in one week. Word to the wise: it can’t be done.

Today I sat on line on the sidewalk in Flushing, Queens for five hours with some of my closest friends so we could get our free tickets to see Hamlet tonight in Central Park. I hope I can stay awake during the show. My eyes are already droopy.

Not that I’m making any promises, but I will try to get back into posting a bit more regularly in the next few weeks. For what it’s worth, I am posting a photo a day over on my Flicker site. You will have to look at my ugly mug, but hey. Them’s the breaks sometimes.


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