Deadly Serious.

I have an unusual decision to make.

It has come to my attention that should I desire it, there is a cemetery plot next to my father’s that is available for my use. Oddly enough, this was not posed to me as some kind of veiled threat. For once.

If I decide not to take it, it will be donated to a family who cannot afford to purchase a site themselves. Apparently the owner of this particular plot had at first tried to return it to the seller, but it seems cemetery plots are 100% nonrefundable. Who knew?

Despite my typically macabre thoughts, it just seems impossible to determine what to think or do with this information. When I die, do I want to decompose next to my father’s decomposed body? What if I don’t live in New York when I die and it costs my survivors $3,000,000 to transport my lifeless remains back to the site for burial? Do I even want to be buried at all? Maybe I’ll just donate my body to science and/or cannibals in some faraway land.

Maybe I should not look a gift horse in the mouth. What would YOU do?


3 responses to “Deadly Serious.

  • kat!

    oh this is easy. i’m being cremated and having my remains turned into an artificial reef.

  • Chris

    One poitn of view: Is the plot being offered to you free or at a reasonable cost? If so, why not take it for now, and at a later time you can decide to sell to someone else or donate to someone less fortunate.

    Another point of view: Is this a plot for one person or for two? (I really have no idea how these things work.) Will you and Billy want to be buried together?

    So many decisions! Good luck deciding what you want to do.

  • fiction dept

    Chris’s thoughts mirror my own to a large extent with a couple of questions to conider to help you make your decision:

    1 – Are you religious? Did you attend the church where Dad is buried? And would you want to be buried in a church cemetary — THAT church cemetary?

    2 – Is there someone who would like to be buried at that church cemetary right now and can’t afford it?

    Personally, I’d donate the plot to a family who wants to be buried in that particular cemetary but cannot afford it.

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