Just like this post.

I’m running out of excuses for my recent boredom. It’s really crossed the line into laziness. Because the truth of the matter is that there is plenty to be done around here. Starting with, oh, I don’t know, posting wedding photos? I’m starting to think no one believes me any more when I say I’ll get around to it soon. I don’t even believe me any more. That is so sad. But hey. At least we finally sent out wedding day thank yous. You have no idea how huge a step that was, my friends.

Billy is running circles around my boredom. Today he installed a ceiling fan in our living room. Shit. He installed a ceiling fan in the living room and I scoured the internets for places to bring my broken camera for repairs. The same broken camera that has been broken for over a year and that caused me to buy a whole new camera. Because why use time efficiently? Seriously. What a waste.


2 responses to “Just like this post.

  • Harris

    hey caitlin,

    he installed a ceiling fan?

    what is he, some sort of genius? A wizard, perhaps?

    hope yer feelin’ groovier

    rock on,


  • Caitlin

    haha, if you knew the end result of 99% of our home projects, you would know that yes, he is indeed a wizard. and didn’t even have to zap himself with live electrical current to find out!

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