I need a change.

Last night Billy and I threw down the gauntlet. We do that a lot, I think. I feel like we’ve done it recently, but I’m too lazy to look it up.

Anyway, we threw it. The gauntlet. We have six weeks: We are to lose weight, and Billy is to be strong enough to do pushups with me on his back. I am to be able to run a 9-minute mile. We haven’t decided yet what the reward will be, but we’ve narrowed it down to either a goldfish or rope. As to why we want rope as a reward, I will let you try to figure it out and leave it at that.

So far I am off to a good start. Instead of making the cajun chicken, brown rice, and spinach I was planning to make, I had about half a jar of peanut butter and a beer. I never really wanted a fish anyway.


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