The Good Old Days.

Thanks to Google Reader I found this site the other day and had a nice little walk down Memory Lane after reading this post about “Quantum Leap.” Man, I love that show. I have every season on DVD and I watch them regularly. I would still marry Sam Beckett to this day if I had the opportunity.

Anyway, I was remembering how back when the stupid asshats at NBC decided to cancel the show I got all upset and took drastic action. Or, at least, as drastic action as a 14-year-old can take. I wrote a letter. I sent it to my best friend Siggi for her thoughts before sending it, and her response is awesome so I’m posting that too.

May 7, 1993

To Whom It May Concern:

Last night was the night of the last episode of “Quantum Leap,” unless I manage to change your mind. I’m not really sure whether it was you or the people working at Quantum Leap that wanted to end the leaping, but I think it should continue, even if it had to be reruns. It doesn’t make sense to me that anyone would want to cancel a show like that. Every single person I know, young and old alike, love that show like none other. I don’t even watch that much TV; as a matter of fact, “Quantum Leap” is the only show I like to watch. It’s the only reason I turn on the TV, let alone NBC. Please consider my opinion. I wouldn’t take the time to write this letter if I didn’t really want to see “Quantum Leap” back on the air.

Caitlin Heller

Siggi’s response:

May 7, 1993


Your letter was very direct and very convincing. Especially the part about not watching NBC if QL isn’t on. There were a few minor lies, but that’s the whole idea. Even if they do continue the leaping, Al isn’t in the project anymore. (Sorry to disappoint you!) If your letter doesn’t convince NBC to put QL back on the air, nothing more than a million dollars will. The way I heard it the ending episode stunk! How could they do that to poor Al? Marrying him AND having 4 kids! How utterly terrible. He’ll never be happy! Krissy said Sam never leapt home. How sad! I sure hope NBC does change their mind and put QL back on the air. If they don’t my pistol could help them.

Christine (Siggi)

Ah, childhood. Now I write letters trying to keep my job during times of economic recession. How things change as we get older.


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