Thank the Almighty it’s Friday.

Last night I fell asleep at 9:26. Or, at least, that’s what time it was the last time I remember opening my eyes. The next time I opened my eyes it was 8:15 this morning. Crap, I was tired.

Sometime early this morning I had a dream that I was Scout Finch, but in some desolate farming town way up north. I’m guessing it was Canada, even though it seemed arid, because I was walking on sandy, weedy roads along with a whole lot of huge caribou. Anyway, I was small and little, as Scout of course is, and a little scared of walking to town by myself. And then in the distance, I saw it: a herd of cattle stampeding right for me. I turned to run but there were stampeding cattle coming from everywhere. I woke up just before being trampled.

A good start to the day, really.

I worked at home today, which was probably the next best thing to going to the beach. I guess. Working at home has its advantages, of course. During my lunch hour I started a whole chicken roasting in the crock pot, and Internet, I wish they had perfected a way to upload the scent of my roasting chicken because you would start salivating. It’s a simple recipe – lemon and garlic and olive oil and rosemary and that’s it. Of course I didn’t have any lemon so instead it’s lime, but all I can say it’s a good thing it is slow cooking and I got off to a late start because otherwise Billy would not have any by the time he gets home late tonight from work.

Today I discovered Pandora Radio, which kept me entertained at the “office.” I haven’t decided yet if I love it, but it is playing now and I am happy so who am I to complain?


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