Thank the Almighty it’s Friday.

Last night I fell asleep at 9:26. Or, at least, that’s what time it was the last time I remember opening my eyes. The next time I opened my eyes it was 8:15 this morning. Crap, I was tired.

Sometime early this morning I had a dream that I was Scout Finch, but in some desolate farming town way up north. I’m guessing it was Canada, even though it seemed arid, because I was walking on sandy, weedy roads along with a whole lot of huge caribou. Anyway, I was small and little, as Scout of course is, and a little scared of walking to town by myself. And then in the distance, I saw it: a herd of cattle stampeding right for me. I turned to run but there were stampeding cattle coming from everywhere. I woke up just before being trampled.

A good start to the day, really.

I worked at home today, which was probably the next best thing to going to the beach. I guess. Working at home has its advantages, of course. During my lunch hour I started a whole chicken roasting in the crock pot, and Internet, I wish they had perfected a way to upload the scent of my roasting chicken because you would start salivating. It’s a simple recipe – lemon and garlic and olive oil and rosemary and that’s it. Of course I didn’t have any lemon so instead it’s lime, but all I can say it’s a good thing it is slow cooking and I got off to a late start because otherwise Billy would not have any by the time he gets home late tonight from work.

Today I discovered Pandora Radio, which kept me entertained at the “office.” I haven’t decided yet if I love it, but it is playing now and I am happy so who am I to complain?


One response to “Thank the Almighty it’s Friday.

  • Karen

    Sadly, Pandora radio is not available to listeners outside the U.S., so you’ll have to enjoy it for both of us. At least there are no cattle here. Or caribou (except in small amounts, in my freezer).

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