In Good Health.

Today I went to the doctor and guess what: He said I am the picture of perfect health. Hooray! I kind of needed a boost, even if it was something as simple as saying, “Hey, at least you’ve got your health!” And now I know for sure that I do.

While I was there, I also found out that I have only actually gained THREE pounds since the wedding, which is slightly shocking but in a good way.

He asked me how my running was going, since the last time I was there was because I was hemorrhaging on my long-distance runs. I’m still a bit sensitive about that, since it is still on my dream life list to run the New York City Marathon before I die. I told him that I am running no more than 5k at a time and he suggested perhaps keeping that up and maybe adding more running days to my schedule. And hearing him say to ADD more running lifted my spirits by about 20%. Which is also shocking but in a weird way.

We even solved the mystery of why I occasionally feel dizzy after eating, which is oddly related to the reason why I bleed when I run. Seems that the same way blood is diverted from my intestines in long-distance running, it is diverted TO them when I eat. And as that happens, there is less there for my brain. Doh! Go figure. That wasn’t shocking but I felt relieved so I’m writing about it anyway.

To celebrate all the good news, I treated myself to a gorgeous little leather journal with a mother of pearl-style inlaid pattern on the cover. It will be nice to have something to write my thoughts in other than the backsides of crinkled up receipts and business cards.


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