He who laughs first cries the hardest.

Tonight when I left work, I remember thinking, “HA-HA WEATHER! So much for your forecast! You said it would RAIN. But it is SUNNY out! I will dance my way up to Harlem to take care of my best friend’s plants and the umbrella in my bag is nothing but extra weight! It’s ok, though, I can take it!”

And the weather just silently stood by, sun shining brightly, knowing that it would have the last laugh.

Just 25 minutes later, I emerged on 125th Street to a complete and total deluge. I saw people coming down the subway stairs as I was going up, and even with umbrellas in their hands, they were dripping with wet. I thought, “Oh geez. I had to open my big fat mouth.”

And I pulled out my umbrella, but truthfully, in weather like this, umbrellas are useless. I felt my pants get heavier and heavier and my feet got wetter and wetter, until finally I was at my friend’s apartment. I vowed then and there not to leave until I was dry or until it stopped raining.

Suffice it to say, I am still wet. And probably will be for days to come.


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