Stumbling ahead.

Today I tried to break the cycle of inertia with which I’ve been struggling all year and went out and bought a duvet cover, sheets, and curtains for the bedroom. It is my intention to paint and decorate at least one room of this apartment before we move out.

It never used to be this hard for me. I would look at a room, size it up, and have the whole thing decorated before anyone else even knew what was happening. This year something has happened to my drive for creativity and I feel like if it isn’t perfect, it isn’t worth doing at all. And that attitude has been killing me slowly, like a long, painful starvation of the soul I haven’t been able to stop.

So today I said the hell with it. I gave myself a small budget and said, “BUY A DUVET COVER OR DIE TRYING.” And while the thought of death by duvet is certainly interesting, I opted for the consumerist approach. And, well, now we’ll see.


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