Wagons West

Before I get into writing, I just want to say in response to Karen’s comment from yesterday (hi, Karen!), I do indeed plan to show photos when we’re done redecorating the bedroom! In fact, maybe it would be worthwhile to show the progress along the way. Methinks it will be a slow process, mainly because I have no idea when we will have time to do the painting, but I do hereby swear to show you the results.

In other news, Billy and I are about to head out on one of our adventures… we’re heading west to go see the home opener at Penn State tomorrow. I’m hoping for rain, because something tells me it has to be raining, muddy, and cold to truly experience the thrill of college football. According to the weather reports, we will be right on the rain line, so there’s about a 50/50 chance my wish will come true.

I’m so grateful for these little weekend trips we’ve managed to take all summer. I do wish we could have had a week all in a row to really get down and relax, but I’ll take what I can get with a husband in retail. When we get back on Sunday, we have our live draft for the fantasy football league and then Monday it’s a day for laundry and homework. Yep, the fall is upon us.

We are heading out tonight around 7pm, in the hopes that by then everyone who’s trying to escape the city for the long weekend will have already skedaddled. Somehow I think we are dreaming, but hey. What the hell. We’ll bring some CDs and tell each other stories of how it was in the old days, and it’ll be fun sitting in bumper to bumper traffic until midnight.


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