Because I Can.

The internet has been working for a whole hour today, so I feel compelled to write quickly or not at all.

Not that I really have all that much to say. But then what else is new?

Today was my first day of Introductory Painting. We’re going to be working in large format this semester, meaning 4 feet by 4 feet sheets of paper. That is going to be a challenge in my home, but whatev. Am I an artist or am I a pussy? I’m a bit disappointed that a) we are going to be working almost exclusively with black and white paint, b) we are working exclusively with acrylic paint, and c) we aren’t doing any watercolors. Watercolor painting is something I remember really struggling with in high school and I’ve always wanted to learn how to do well. When it’s done right it’s so beautiful. When I do it, it’s just a bunch of semi-translucent blobs on really nice paper.

I guess if I want to experiment with that, it’s on my own time. Which means it will never happen.

Our first assignment is to do three paintings, each one consisting of 2-5 simple shapes, using only one half of a sheet of paper. Ponder that, if you will. I’ve got a few ideas but something tells me it won’t be until Sunday night that I actually put brush to paper, knowing me.


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