Bedroom update.

Things with the bedroom are coming along much faster than I anticipated, which is to say that we’ve actually painted the walls.

Actually, in all fairness, we also bought the wood to make “frames” for the black and white photos of our life that we printed to put on the walls. At first I was thinking of using bulletin board, but when I found out how much that shit costs, I decided I’d rather have a lifetime supply of beer so we settled on plywood instead. So we’ve been doing the most ridiculous things to plywood that you can imagine. No one has ever put this much effort into trying to pretend plywood is attractive, which just goes to show that maybe if you put lipstick on a pig it’s not such a bad thing after all. Except in politics, of course.

Anyway, we’ve put two coats of cherry stain on these 2-foot by 2-foot boards and tonight we’re I’m putting on the second coat of polyurethane to make them all shiny and, well, as pretty as plywood can ever be. Billy’s already laced them up in the back so we can hang them easily once they’re finished. I’d show pictures but, well, I don’t have any yet. I think all you’re gonna get to see is the finished product. Sorry.

Like I said recently, bit by bit… things are coming together.


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