Drunken Plea

I posit that most people that read blogs – even in this day and age – are big-time tech nerds. That is why, even though I have a following of about 12 people that I am fairly certain are NOT tech nerds, I am putting out this question to you, my faithful audience.

I am looking for someone who can help me find a way to create an oscillating light (akin to that which you would find, say, in KITT’s front scanner) that is about one inch long and a quarter inch wide. I’ve searched and searched, and the best I can find is a revolving light that will only go in one direction. I want it to go in both directions. Is this really hard to do? Impossible? Am I dreaming? Someone just tell me to give it up already!

Or, be the light of my life and tell me this is something I can achieve and I just might have a prize in it for you. It depends, of course, on whether I can achieve it.

Oh, the woes of the “wealthy.”


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