Drunken Plea

I posit that most people that read blogs – even in this day and age – are big-time tech nerds. That is why, even though I have a following of about 12 people that I am fairly certain are NOT tech nerds, I am putting out this question to you, my faithful audience.

I am looking for someone who can help me find a way to create an oscillating light (akin to that which you would find, say, in KITT’s front scanner) that is about one inch long and a quarter inch wide. I’ve searched and searched, and the best I can find is a revolving light that will only go in one direction. I want it to go in both directions. Is this really hard to do? Impossible? Am I dreaming? Someone just tell me to give it up already!

Or, be the light of my life and tell me this is something I can achieve and I just might have a prize in it for you. It depends, of course, on whether I can achieve it.

Oh, the woes of the “wealthy.”


4 responses to “Drunken Plea

  • fiction dept

    hey — the sort of light you’re talking about is also used by the cylons in Battlestar Gallactica. Perhaps you could find what you’re looking for by doing a search on that tv show or by going to a sci-fi convention… that should really solidify your place in gerkdom!

  • ridiculous

    if you want to buy one, you could look at equipment used for emdr therapy (which i practice). some practioners use a light scanner that goes back and forth. just google “emdr equipment”.

    oh, and i almost convinced b to sing “the gambler” at some random karaoke bar in mexico… 🙂

  • Harris

    hey caitlin,

    no, she didn’t.

    rock on,


  • Anonymous

    There are integrated circuit (IC) chips for sale (or there were 20 years ago) for electronics hobbyists, electronic engineers, etc that will control an array of LED lights (you pick the size/colour/arrangement, etc) to oscillate in one direction or back and forth, at whatever speed you like. You’d probably need to buy a several hours of someone’s time plus components. I don’t know what the people who can solder/build stuff like this are called. I’d start at an electronics warehouse (RAE Electronics in Vancouver, Canada is where I went when I was a kid) – maybe they’d know who to ask about this.

    Good Luck!
    Courtenay Ennis

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