Going back to sleep now.

I’m sitting here on five hours of restless, dream-filled sleep, having spent the night running away from people pretending to kill me with unloaded revolvers and beer-bottle bombs. In my dreams, that is.

Today I have to write the paper that was due on Wednesday, do two weeks’ worth of painting homework, go food shopping, do laundry, meet Billy for lunch since I haven’t seen him since Friday, and remember, somehow, to breathe in and out all day long.

This is more or less how the last week of my life has been, rushing from one thing to the next, always with this unending list of things that still need to get done. I am so exhausted. I’ve had to make a lot of tough choices, like, today I am sacrificing laundry and painting in order to get that paper done, because I already have to start working on the final paper and to do two at once is just suicide.

Which isn’t to say I’m not doing fun things in here, too. The reason I’m running on five hours’ sleep today is because yesterday some friends and I rented a car and went up to the Yankee Candle flagship store, an annual adventure that I really, really love. We went up to Keene, NH afterwards and got lost, adding an extra hour to our already-long journey home. Then I spent a half an hour looking for parking in my neighborhood. Finally walked in the door around sunrise. Or so it felt.

The day was great, including the part where I had to drive through a blizzard on the mountains of New Hampshire at 10:30pm. When I’m done writing, I’m going to light one of my new candles, pop in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and go to sleep. Then I will take a shower, head out to meet Billy for lunch, write my paper, come home, and collapse to face another ridiculous day tomorrow.

I cannot wait for this semester to end.


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