Thanks and thanks again.

Dear Dad,

Yesterday I went to Aunt Cathrine’s for Thanksgiving, the same way we did every year while you were still alive. Yesterday was the 17th one that you missed. You know, in case you weren’t counting.

As we often do in these affairs, we looked at old family photos. I saw your wedding and honeymoon photos with Mom. Most were familiar and brought back happy memories. But most made me want to cry, cry, and cry. Looking at those photos only reminds me what is missing now. There was one photo from a Thanksgiving in the late ’60s, or from someone’s wedding, or another family gathering, and nearly everyone at the table in the photo is dead today, including you.

I know I should be thankful for the Thanksgivings and family that are still at the table, and some of the new family members that continue to join us, and I am. I truly am. But I was just wondering. When does it get easier to see those photos and not feel completely and utterly filled with loss?

Still missing you after all these years,


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