Things I plan to do in January:

(Because there’s nothing like having a neverending list of things to do.)

1. Have my three remaining wisdom teeth pulled.
2. Start running again.
3. Buy new running gear, preferably before injuring myself by using the old stuff.
4. See my friend Anne’s new house that she bought during the summer and is only an hour away from where I live.
5. Wash the kitchen floor for the first time in six months.
5a. Clean the rest of the apartment. (Aside: I told Billy the other day, and he did not disagree, that if and when we ever get around to dusting the TV, we will effectively save ourselves hundreds of dollars on an HDTV because the effect will be essentially the same.)
6. Buy myself some new bras to replace the ones I busted several months ago.
7. See a gynecologist for the first time in over three years. (Oops.)
8. Knit something.
9. Finish putting together the newly redecorated bedroom.
10. Reacquaint myself with the stove.
11. Sort and upload wedding photos.
12. Finish (and start) putting together our wedding album.
13. Read a book, just for the fun of it.
14. Remember how to do Sudoku and crossword puzzles.
15. Brush up on my Guitar Hero skillz.
16. Buy new shoes to replace the ones with holes in the soles (which would be nearly ALL of them, except my flip-flops, which, as much as I love them, are just not practical in January).
17. Remind my friends that I really do care. Preferably over karaoke and a beer.
18. Take a nap in the middle of the weekend, just because I can.
19. Actually talk to my husband instead of mumbling something while one or both of us is half-asleep.
20. Drink heavily for the fun of it, and not because I’m drowning in misery.


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