If I’m suffering, then so shall you.

It’s just before noon on Sunday, and I’ve been sitting at my computer for a little under 90 minutes with the intention of finishing the last three pages of my art history paper. So far I have not even opened up the file. I’m right on track for another productive Sunday.

Instead of writing my paper, I will share a little bit of neighborhood gossip. Last night, just as I was settling down to go to sleep, Billy and I heard a series of loud pops and crunches, one right after another. I debated hiding under the bed to avoid gunfire. I think Billy was snoring.

Went to look out the window and it seems some moron (we assume he or she was drunk) mowed down at least seven parked cars outside our window. Hit the first, second, third, and just kept driving until finally he or she (we think it was actually a “she”) stopped at the end of the block. A few side mirrors were demolished, a couple windows blown out, and a few sides dented, but amazingly enough no one was hurt.

All I can say is, first, Sonal, I’m glad you parked on Kathy’s street and not mine (I even noticed when I got home there were at least three open spaces just outside the window). And second, I am so glad I don’t have a car anymore.

Sigh. Now I really have nothing to do except write my paper. Oh well.


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