Just warming up.

I’ve got the last of my ginger snaps in the oven right now, leaving just the lemon bars, peppermint brownies, and chocolate liqueur truffles to finish for tomorrow’s cookes and cocoa event.

I am starting to run out of steam. My back is getting sore and my feet are tired from standing for the last several hours. But I love baking so much, I can’t stop. I look at all the cookies I’ve already finished and I just want to make more, more, more! We’ll see how I feel tomorrow; maybe I will whip up some chocolate chocolate chip cookies before people start arriving.

Are you coming? I hope so. I had been so excited that Billy was actually going to be able to come – we both had a day off at the same time! – but at the last minute he was invited to go to a Giants game. For free. I guess free Giants tickets don’t really compare to cookies and cocoa with your wife and her girlfriends (and their families), even though it should. At any rate, I hope people show up, because otherwise I am going to have to eat all 400 of these cookies all by myself. And shit. That would be an awfully lonely thing to do. Send me an e-mail if you need directions! I’ll supply the cookies.


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