Last night I dreamed that KITT was given the body of a station wagon due to budget cuts. This did not make him happy.

It seems fitting that we should have a coating of snow on the ground on the day that I get to start celebrating Christmas. To celebrate, Billy made some awesome chili and we watched Santa Claus: The Movie. That’s another one I can now check off the list. I seem to always forget how horrible my copy of this film is. But when I think about it, when you have a tape that is 23 years old and is probably a copy of a copy, it makes sense. One of these days I must get around to getting myself the DVD.

Speaking of that list, I thought of another one that I should have included, which is The Christmas Visitor, which I discovered now after looking at IMDb is more commonly known as Miracle Down Under. All’s I know is, my copy has the title, The Christmas Visitor. Maybe that’s worth some money. Doubt it. Then again, it looks like the only copy available on Amazon is on VHS and it STARTS at $75 used. Which either proves that it is a collector’s item OR that I have a really weird taste in movies. Let’s all keep our opinions to ourselves on that one.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY, PEOPLE!


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